10 Gifts Ideas For A New Mom That She Will Really Love

Are you attending a baby shower or know a friend who just announced that she is pregnant? Do you know what to get for her? I think we’ve all been there. If you’re looking for exciting and unique gifts for mothers-to-be, this is not the post for you. Today, I’m going to talk about the boring gifts that nobody wants to bring to a baby shower.

As a mom of two girls, I can confidently tell you that all moms out there love the boring gifts that no one wants to buy for them because those are the items that we really need!

But wait, what about the cute dresses and great rocking chair for the baby nursery? Sure, that works too, but most of these things end up collecting dust.

The boring gifts for new moms are the things that she will end up using everyday.

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1. Onesies

It is very tempting to buy cute dresses and outfits for moms-to-be. Yes, it will be fun to dress up the baby and take lots of adorable pictures, but what new moms really need are onesies. We dress our baby in onesies everyday. During the summer, the baby lives in onesies, and when it gets cold, the onesies go under the sweater or pajamas. They are so easy to pack in diaper bags. Cchanging diapers for babies dressed in a onesie is a breeze too!

To be honest, the cute dresses that we received as gifts when my eldest was born hardly got worn. It makes me sad that my daughter outgrew the dresses so quickly and she didn’t even get the chance to wear all of them.

What’s great is that onesies aren’t even that expensive. If you budget allows, you could even buy something else for your mama friend!

2. Sleepsack

Lots of givers like to give baby blankets, but sleepsacks are equally important and useful. The American Academy of Pediatrics do not recommend babies to sleep with blankets until they are at least 1 year old because it will be a hazard. Instead, babies should wear a wearable blanket that will keep them warm and snug in their sleep.

3. Burp cloths

You can never have too many burp cloths. Babies need to be burped after their feed, and it can get messy! I went through probably 4 per day, and doing laundry every day was not an option for me. If other moms are like me, they would appreciate burp cloths as a gift.

4. Diapers

Who doesn’t need a ton of diapers? A baby is estimated to go through about 2000 diapers in the first year. Unless the new mama decides that she is going to be using reusable diapers, you will never go wrong with buying diapers. I would suggest buying the more reputable brands like Pampers, and buy a size up! Some babies never even get to wear the newborn size.

5. Amazon gift card

This may seem so boring, and somewhat tacky, but it has its perks. It is in fact one of the best baby gifts that I’ve received. A gift card to amazon can be so useful. A new mom can purchase whatever baby items she needs.

6. The Frida baby postpartum recovery kit

No one wants to think about the postpartum recovery process that moms have to go through, but it is totally a real thing. Brand new parents probably don’t know what they will be going through, but this kit will come in super useful. It comes with everything moms don’t want to think about but would need later – postpartum underwear, ice pads, cooling pad liners and healing foam.

7. The Frida baby basic kit

This includes the NoseFrida (aka the snot sucker) which has the reputation for clearing the baby’s stuffy nose effectively. This thing is a miracle! Both my kids walk around with snotty noses literally everyday in their first year of life, and this snot sucker was a life savior for us! You just connect the pieces, and place it near baby’s nose, then suck! This kit also includes a nail clipper, cradle cap brush and even a tool to help the baby pass gas. This gift is just downright practical. Every new mom needs this.

8. Diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag

There are tons of options out there, but if you are going to be carrying a diaper bag everywhere you go, it should be something practical but stylish at the same time. Personally, I like this Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack. It is functional and most importantly, hands-free. Trust me, you will need your hands to carry your baby, push the stroller or just do anything without having your bag in the way. This bag is easy to clean with it’s vegan leather, and has tons of pockets and adjustable straps.

9. Portable changing pad

As moms, we change our babies’ diapers everywhere we go. In the car trunk, car seat, park benches. Not everywhere has a bathroom equipped with a changing table, so this portable changing pad will be very useful. This Skip Hop Portable Baby Changing Pad comes in a form of a slim clutch and has everything needed for a diaper change – wipes, diaper and a built-in pad.

10. Door cushion

I have this on all my doors at home. To a parent, sleep is very important. The last thing that you need is wake up the baby when you’re closing the door at home. Just strap this Cushy Closer Door Cushion on the door latches and you can now move like a ninja from room to room without waking up the baby.

I’d love to hear from you – what do you think is a good gift to get for new mothers-to-be? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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