Creative And Sneaky Hiding Spots For Your Child’s Easter Basket

When it comes to Easter baskets, some people practice the tradition of hiding them for their kids to find. Some don’t, and that’s OK too.

For those who do, just know that kids love a good surprise when it comes to finding their Easter baskets. Younger kids will race around the house hunting for their Easter basket, and even older kids will enjoy finding baskets containing gifts cards, make-up, a fun pair of socks or even chocolate. If you want to surprise your kids, and let them find their Easter baskets on Easter morning, where can you put them?

There are some really creative ways you can make this fun. Here are some creative hiding spots to make the Easter basket hunt really special for kids.

1. Create a fort that resembles a bunny burrow

If your kids are anything like my daughter, they will definitely love this idea. My daughter is a big fan of tents and forts. Just to give you an idea about how crazy she is about tents, her bunk bed is covered with blankets at the moment (note the “s” to denote plural form).

Create your own Easter bunny burrow by creating a fort with blankets (or a big piece of cloth), and have your kids go in to see their Easter basket. They will love the adventure for sure!

2. Make it obvious

Sometimes the most obvious place is the best place to hide the Easter basket. Use their own rooms. This is the last place they would be looking, and it works every time! Whenever I tell my eldest daughter to go look for something in the house, she will NEVER bother to look in her own room.

3. Use a puzzle

This is certainly for a patient child. Buy a puzzle, put it together, then use a Sharpie to write the location of the Easter basket on the puzzle. Break it apart again, and place each piece in separate plastic eggs. Place the eggs around the house for them to search, and have them put together the puzzle to find the clue to the Easter basket.

This idea is brilliant. Your kids will spend hours just trying to gather all the puzzle pieces together, and you get at least 60 minutes of kids-free time to sip on your coffee and even read a book!

4. Easter bunny maze

I read about this here.

Create your own maze at home by using either string or yarn. Make a maze throughout the house, even to your backyard. The starting point can be their bedroom doorknobs. Have them follow the string all throughout the house until it ends at their Easter basket.

Your kid will think that this is the coolest thing ever.

5. A tea party scene

My daughter is obsessed about tea parties nowadays. She would arrange her stuffed animals at her small table and chair, bring them food and drinks, and pretend to feed them.

If you have a little table, consider recreating a tea party scene with all the stuffed animals sitting in a circle, and place the Easter basket in the middle.

6. Create a treasure hunt

Use riddles and clues to help kids find their basket. Make up clues ahead of time on small pieces of paper. Four to five clues should be enough for each child. If you have young children, consider printing picture clues for them to figure out the location. You can hide the clues in plastic eggs for them to find.

Although cliché, this activity is always well-loved by kids. Who doesn’t like to solve clues anyway?

7. The ceiling

For those with exposed rafters in the house, you can consider hiding easter baskets high up there. Kids will never look there. Just keep in mind that they might need help to bring the basket down, so have that ladder ready whenever they spot the basket!

8. The fireplace

Just make sure that the fireplace is clean before you put the basket in there.

9. Dryer

Kids will never look in the dryer, especially if they are not used to doing laundry yet.

10. Underneath the couch

If there is a gap between the couch and the floor, you can shove the Easter basket underneath the sofa and push it all the way to the back so that it’s not that obvious.

11. Garage

My kids will never look in the garage because it’s where we store our tools and extra belongings.

12. Back of the closet your kid hasn’t cleaned in months

Wherever you decide to hide the Easter basket, here are some helpful tips to consider:

1. If you’re using plastic eggs to hide clues, consider using different colors for each child so they don’t mix up the clues.

2. For young kids, keep the hunt simple so they don’t get too frustrated when they can’t find it. Easter is supposed to be fun.

3. If you’re hiding it in places like the garage or somewhere outside, make sure the place is not too hot or too cold as it might damage any food items.

4. If you choose somewhere like the shed, be aware that some outdoor animals (like critters) might get to it. There’s nothing worse than finding an empty basket on Easter day.

5. Remember your hiding spot just in case the kids cannot find their baskets. The last thing you need is to have a hidden basket with chocolate sitting at the back of the closet for months.

6. Have your camera ready to snap some priceless pictures of your kids finding their basket. These memories will last a lifetime!

Do you have any other fun ways to hide the Easter baskets? Share your comments below. I would love to read about some other fun hiding spots for your child’s Easter basket!

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