How To Make Bath Time Relaxing For Babies and Toddlers With Fun Bath Time Ideas

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I still remember the days when I used to dread bath time. When my daughters were still a few months old, they used to cry throughout bath time. The minute they saw the bath tub, they would start to wail. This made bath time difficult and tricky.

We started looking for ways to make bath time less stressful. Today, I want to share some of the tips and tricks that we used, which eventually made bath time so relaxing and fun for everyone! Today, my kids love bath time. It’s the one thing that they look forward to every day, and would always refuse to step out even when it’s time to head to bed.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that we adopted to make bath time enjoyable and fun:

1. Firstly, we use a non-skid mat

Young toddlers are at the age when they are still learning how to balance themselves. Some might not like bath time just because they do not like the idea of slipping in the tub. Ever since we got a non-skid mat, my toddlers now enjoy bath time while they play.

2. If you have more than one kid, allow them to take baths together.

Two is always better than one! When my youngest was so afraid of bath time, this is how we slowly got her to adjust. Just by observing her older sister, she slowly understood the concept of a fun bath, and eventually joined in the fun.

3. Allow kids to splish and splash.

My daughters love this! They get a kick out of it every single time. This is also a perfect opportunity to teach them to recognize the feeling of hitting water and what happens when they do that.

4. Pretend that you’re in a hair salon.

My eldest likes to take the bubbles and sculpt her other sister’s hair with shampoo. This allows her to play pretend as she proclaims that she is a hairdresser!

5. Sing their favorite songs together during bath time.

Research has shown that singing is very beneficial towards child development. During our bath time, we sing songs like row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Both my daughters would pretend that they are in a boat and mimic the rowing motion. Sometimes, they would turn bath time into a mini concert too. If you’re joining in on the fun, don’t even worry about being out-of-tune because your kids will not know it.

6. Parents, don’t take it seriously.

I know, the end of the day can be a little hectic. All you want to do is shower your kids and put them right into bed. I’ve been there, but rushing children will only take the fun out of bath time. Now, I just let my kids play in the bath, but when it gets too long, I just gently remind them that we need to wrap it up in 5 minutes so they can start to wind down.

7. Invent games to play in the bath tub together.

A few examples include “Name that body part” where you ask your toddler to name the different body parts and you proceed to clean them.

8. Add some fun colors and scents to the bath water.

This can be easily achieved by adding a few drops of food coloring or kid-friendly scented oil to the bath tub. Kids love watching the colors change as they play while enjoying new scents at the same time. This sensory-friendly activity is great for adding fun to bath time!

9. Just talk.

Sometimes, all they want to do is talk, and we can use this time to catch up on the day’s activities. Ask what they did in school today, and you indirectly teach them the skill to communicate and relate events.

10. Invest in good quality bath toys.

We have a few personal favorites listed below:

  • The floating alphabet and numbers. These serve as an entertainment and a teaching tool. When my eldest started to recite the alphabets and learned how to count, we would arrange these foam letters and numbers on the bath tub wall. These are easy to dry too, so not much work is needed to clean up after bath time.

  • Spin N Sort Spout Set with stackable cups. Before we invested in a set of these, we used what we had at home which allowed my daughter to fill up cups and pour water from one cup into another. This set brings it to a whole different level. It allows children to sort, construct and put physics into play with spinning gear movement. There are also bath cups that work with spout to create different water effects for spraying, straining and floating fun. This not only helps to develop their hand-eye coordination, it keeps them entertained for hours.

  • Squirt toys. These toys are so simple yet great. They are small enough for the tiny hands to hold on and squirt. These are durable, but note that water needs to be completely drained out of the toys each time to avoid mold from growing inside.

  • Bubbles or the bubble machine. Instead of having a bubble bath, this is a good alternative. You can blow it and have your kids pop the bubble, or just allow your children to blow it themselves. By introducing different shapes and sizes for the wands, you can seize this opportunity to teach the difference between small and big, or the concept of shapes.
  • Legos for bath time. You could use your existing Duplo set that you already have and just toss them into the bath tub. They are made out of plastic after all and are easy to clean and dry afterwards. Alternatively, you can also invest in a set like the Lego Duplo Town Submarine Adventure Kit. When my husband purchased this set, initially I thought it was totally unnecessary, but both my daughters fight over this toy every day. This set includes a submarine that blows bubbles, 2 diver figures and 3 animal figures, so it allows for imaginative play for under the sea!

  • Bath crayons. I was hesitant about this too, but they are amazing! Kids get to practice their fine motor skills and have fun at the same time through drawing and writing. These are pretty cheap and easy to wipe off afterwards.

Do you have any other activities that you do with your kids during bath time, or have some fun bath time ideas to share? Leave a comment below!

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