Family Bucket List Ideas – Memory Makers for a Great Year

We spent majority of 2021 cooped up at home. The year was more about survival, staying healthy, and less fun. The new year came around, and we vowed as a family to create more memories in 2022 and have more family time. The possibilities are infinite, and we have some family bucket list ideas down already. We just can’t wait to check these activities off our list!

I want to show them where I came from

I grew up in Malaysia. Traveling back to Asia has been a yearly occurrence for us, but we have not been able to do so since the pandemic started. We would facetime with my parents and my kids only know that their grandparents existed on the other side of the world. Ever since my eldest started talking, she would ask me questions about my life as a kid. I would tell her stories about my childhood, but it would be nice to finally show my kids my hometown, the house I grew up in, and meet their grandparents in person.

Teach my kids how to speak Chinese

My kids were born in America. The only language that they truly know and understand is American. Did you know that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world? Ever since my kids were born, I have been peppering our conversations with Chinese words. My eldest can count 1 to 20 in Chinese now, but she can’t hold a conversation in Chinese yet. Many people say that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world. However, I disagree with this. I started to learn the language at age 7, quickly picked it up and it became my main language for many many years. It is my goal to teach my daughters to recognize a few characters and understand a few basic sentences in Chinese this year.

Wear matching outfits as a family

We have yet to do this as a family. As cheesy as it sounds, I think this would make a great photo-op. Plus, the kids are at the age where they would just wear anything and wouldn’t think it’s uncool.

Cook a whole meal together with as a family

My husband is the slowest chef on earth. Once, he took a whole 2 hours to cook me dinner, and the food was even undercooked. On the other hand, my eldest enjoys cooking imaginary food and serving me in her “restaurant”. I think she takes after her momma, and would very much enjoy this activity!

Visit an aquarium or somewhere equally fun and cool

The only place that we were able to visit last year was the playground (they were a life savior when the kids were all cooped up at home). Since they started watching TV, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are constantly playing on a loop on the Disney channel. My youngest can’t even speak yet, but she has found ways to tell me she enjoys these two fish movies all the time. I think a visit to the aquarium needs to be planned soon!

Do all the wonderful snow stuff together

It’s a good thing we are in Philly where we get enough snow once or twice a year. My daughters are at the age to truly enjoy the snow before it melts. What are some of memory makers that I have in mind? Making snow angels, snow man, having snow fights and of course sledding down the hill!

Go camping in our backyard

And watch the stars till we fall asleep…

Take a walk in the rain and jump in the big puddle

Just like how Peppa Pig and Georgie Pig do it in the story books!

Plant a seed in our garden and watch it grow together

Hopefully we’ll actually get a nice little harvest from it.

Play a board game as a family

My husband and I are avid board game players. We used to have game nights at our house before the kids were born. Currently, my kids only know how to make a mess with the board games pieces (or worse, draw and scribble on them)! My hope is to teach them how to play a board game so we can have some fun together as a family, and help stimulate their thinking skills.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own family bucket list ideas and create priceless memory makers yourself. Let this be a year for you to check off a couple of adventures and find more joy in your parenting journey!

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