15 Thoughtful Gifts for Dads That Won’t Cost Too Much

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Father’s Day is coming up! June is a special month for my husband because it happens to be his birthday month as well.

My husband and I recently celebrated a decade of being together, and when I look back at the last ten years, I feel so lucky for being able to marry my husband and I am incredibly proud of the life that we have built together so far.

This Father’s Day, my initial thought was to get something special for my husband. I shopped around but have not been able to find anything yet. If your dad or husband is anything like my husband who seems to have it all, are you also looking for special gift ideas that comes from the heart, and don’t require you to break the bank? How can you celebrate Father’s Day without spending too much money?

Luckily for you, I have a few ideas on how to make Dad’s day a little special.

This Father’s day, give Dad a gift that comes from the heart instead of the store. Not only can you create memories, I am sure Dad will appreciate your gesture! Surprise Dad who has everything with the following thoughtful Father’s Day Gift ideas:

1. Get dressed up and spend time with him

I’ll be honest, ever since my daughters were born, I don’t spend as much time with my husband as I should. On the rare occasions when we could hang out without the presence of two little kids, they’ve always done wonders for our relationship.

However, as much as I’d like to be alone with my husband, I think it would be a great idea to put on a nice dress, dress up the kids and spend some quality family time together for a few hours. I know my husband loves to see the girls in dresses because they can be fashionistas when they know it’s a special occasion.

2. Make a photo book of memories

Now, my husband is an avid photographer. He loves to take pictures. If I let him have his way, he would be carrying his 20-pound camera bag and equipment everywhere we go!

That being said, we do take family pictures very often, and we’ve got some great family pictures from the past few years.

I have an idea of gathering these pictures of the kids and dad, and make them into a photo book.

I know my husband will certainly appreciate this!

3. Give the gift of quiet time

In some of my blog posts, I’ve talked about the importance of self-care for moms. Well, it’s the same for dad. Sometimes he needs a break from the kids and responsibilities too.

Ask any moms out there, and I’m pretty sure that the ideal day for them is to have a day off without the kids.

This Father’s Day (or another day of your choosing if you’re doing special activities with Dad on Father’s Day), take over his responsibilities like getting the kids ready for the day, make them breakfast, take them out so Daddy gets some alone time. Let Dad rest, relax and rejuvenate. This is no doubt the best gift to Dad with little kids!

4. Throw a house party

I know my husband would appreciate this. He enjoys hosting, and loves to have friends over.

A lively house party will be an excellent surprise for Dad on Father’s Day. Invite his close friends and family. Set up the BBQ grill on the deck, have a few drinks with friends and have a great time connecting with everyone.

5. Breakfast in bed for Dad

We don’t ever really eat in the bedroom because we don’t want the kids to think that it’s acceptable for them to do so.

However, you can make an exception on this special day. Surprise Dad with a hearty breakfast when he wakes up, and pair it with his favorite coffee. There is no better way for Dad to start the day than with breakfast in bed!

6. DIY coupons

This is fun gift to give. This is also known as the “Good For One” favor tickets. Fill out coupons and write a few things or chores that Dad can “redeem” throughout the week. Scatter those coupons throughout the house for Dad to look for, and collect.

It is a fun activity for Dad, and also the kids!

If Dad doesn’t feel like doing dishes for the day, he can redeem for a break from this house chore.

Dad will be sure to appreciate this gift!

7. Help in the garden

We used to garden a lot together, but since we had kids, Dad is now responsible for all things related to the garden.

For example, lawn and garden care usually falls on Dad. For this special weekend, give Dad a hand by taking over his yard duties.

8. Indulge in his hobby for one day

I can’t tell you how many shopping trips or special events that I’ve dragged my reluctant husband to. It is a lot, but my husband rarely complains. Even though I know how to drive, he is always chauffeuring me around town.

This Father’s Day, try out his favorite hobby. For my husband, it’s fishing. I am sure he would appreciate the opportunity to show the girls what he loves, and teach us all he knows about fishing.

9. Have a backyard date night

Can’t leave the house at night because the kids are asleep and you don’t really want to spend on babysitting? Have a date night in your backyard.

By adding candlelight and music, you can transform your backyard into a bistro. Take the time to prepare his favorite meal and serve it. Pair it with wine and enjoy your meal under the stars.

10. Go for a drive

If you live in a big city like we do, there are so many things to see even in my neighborhood.

Take a drive around the neighborhood, and pack a nice picnic basket to set out in Dad’s favorite park.

The kids get to play and run around freely, and you get to enjoy some free time with Dad on the mat.

11. Offer to wash the car

I know my husband doesn’t do this often but he takes great pride in his car.

This Father’s Day, surprise Dad by hand washing his car. Do it with the kids and it will be such a fun experience for them too! While you’re at it, why not clean the interior of the car too? Driving the kids around can take a toll on anyone’s car (not just Dad’s), so a clean and vacuumed car will be an excellent gift for Dad.

12. Homemade Father’s Day card

Instead of buying a generic Father’s Day card, have the kids make a homemade card. Use craft items that you have around the house for this project, and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

13. A spa day for Dad

Spa days are not only for Moms. Dads can enjoy it too, especially if Dad is always stressed out about work.

A good massage will do wonders for Dad, and to top it off, draw him a warm bubble bath afterwards.

14. Write a letter now and read later

Write dad a few heartfelt notes centered around different themes and prompts, give it to Dad and have him read them later over the course of the year.

I know my husband will appreciate this. I mean, who doesn’t like to read a handwritten letter?

If you don’t know where to start, Amazon sells a kit with 12 letters that will be sure to surprise and delight Dad.

15. A movie poster with 100 movies to watch or rewatch

My husband is a movie buff. Even till this day, he amazes me with how much he knows about movies. He can cite movie quotes randomly, and I’m not talking about the obvious lines. You know what I mean.

He would use movie references in daily conversations, and would be baffled when I don’t have a single clue about any of the references.

So, if your husband or dad is anything like my husband, I think by now, he would have exhausted his Netflix, HBO or Hulu queue. Why not create a poster to introduce (or reintroduce) him to 100 great movies? Make it a family night and have the whole family join in too!

No matter what you are planning to do, or can do, just know that gifts for Dad on Father’s Day doesn’t have to cost too much. In fact, some of the ideas that I have listed here doesn’t cost anything at all.

A great Father’s Day gift that comes from the heart is the best.

What are some gift ideas that you have in mind to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day? Leave a comment below!

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