I figured it out… “why mom’s get fat.”

Yeah, I’m a little offended by the title too…

Shoot, I met my husband IN THE GYM! That’s right… 6 years ago… I was a work-out fanatic. My life was all about “me” then. I had all of the time in the world to think about “me.”

Not anymore.

Married. 2 kids. Career. Bills. Errands. Groceries. Dinners. Packing lunches. Bath time. Story time. The list is endless.

Life changed. And that’s OK. But what’s NOT ok… is that we MOMS! (yes, if you are a mom, I am talking to you). We moms forget about ourselves. So… while we are trying our damn best to juggle the endless list of “to dos” — WE… end up at the bottom. And Lord knows we don’t always get to the last thing on that to do list everyday.

Right now, I am going to admit it. I SUCK at getting to the bottom of my list. Shoot, most days I suck at making it to the middle of my list.

Confession: (I hung the frames on the stairway wall… (three weeks ago). There are still no pictures in the frames.)

Ok ok ok, so back to the title of this blog.

It’s time to STOP IT! Let’s try to put us at the TOP of our list ladies. It may mean waking up one hour early… or going to bed one hour later… whatever it might be… LET’S MAKE TIME FOR US!

If we don’t… we will continue to crumble…

Confession: I am gaining weight. Why? Because I don’t eat right, I don’t exercise – Fast food is easy and I am addicted to candy.

It’s very easy to let ourselves go… but we don’t have to.

Am I alone here?
It’s time to kick ourselves in the A%& and just do what we know we have to do.

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